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A word or two about direction and destination
Caleb Selah
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Posted by: David, on 05/02/2008, in category "Headpressianism"
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Abstract: CALEB SELAH, the Service Engineer for Headpress, gives it to the man.

The wisest person I ever met asked me the profound question: “Which do you prefer the destination or the journey?” I gave the question consideration, and realized that the most exhilarating moment of any journey happened the second my credit card purchase was authorised by The acute pleasure of travelling to an obscure unique destination no longer exists; merely the fear of terminal inertia keeps us moving forward. Travel documents like books offer mobility, mental expansion, potential, and hopefully some weirdness. 

Headpress documents journeys to the few remaining obscure cultural outposts of global homogeneity. Against a culture that passively accepts that most content is somehow right and imbued with a fair representation of core moral values and truths, Headpress travels wide eyed and perplexed.

Forget postmodern uncertainty; we are ruled by the certainty of others. Everyone is as expert as the paper they read or the news they watch. Propaganda IS mass media communication, not a form of it. We are told what to think and objectivity is a long forgotten dream or easily dismissed as the seditious voices of state enemies. 

Headpress offers no answers and poses no questions. Headpress is a gentle form of satori which is sometimes impeccably disguised as subjects that may interest. In these interesting times, as opinions and bigotry flourish, Headpress is rare voice in the Publishing industry.

The Headpress voice belongs to David Kerekes. He has travelled solo with Headpress through sixteen years of making enemies but many more friends. His writings and publications have attempted to do little, and sometime achieved less, other than illuminate certain darkened corners of culture that may have remained hidden or become forgotten.  

I believe his presentation and analysis of the non existence of snuff movies (sane people still believe snuff films exist as a sinister underground industry) made many people think a little about one more aspect of lies we are told by our protectors. Furthermore his passion for the Mondo film*, notwithstanding the books that Dave has co-written and published, helped elevate this truly unique style of film to the status of crucial anthropological artefacts. Many university reading lists now take these books seriously enough for inclusion. The books will live for longer than his Byzantine beard which is in no way iconic. He has even been interviewed for C4 about a film he made it quite clear he had never seen. Most Headpressian.

Are we poorer for not knowing the true speculations that surrounded dwarves named Jesus who worked in the porn industry in seventies America (or is that midget or little person or measuremantally challenged)? At worst it is titillation and Frankie Howard invented that word. Go on check the Complete Oxford Dictionary. I digress. I would be deeply distrustful of anyone claiming they loved Headpress’ entire oeuvre in the same way that other ‘underground scenes’ are accepted unconditionally. (The films of Russ Meyer, for example, Howard Marks, anything published in Bizarre magazine.) Even Dave hates some of his publications. And rightly so. But there is something in there for everyone. That is why I, and a few fellow travellers/philanthropists, became involved. 

Who am I? I am forty. I have no real qualifications to speak of as I dropped out of the University of life after the first year. I set up a business seven years ago which has been successful, this has enabled me to create jobs for most of my friends in an environment that is as painless as possible. I was introduced to Dave through a very dear friend and colleague. After about a year of dropping subtle hints about wanting to become involved with Headpress a meeting was arranged in October 2006. I arrived rather drunk, as is my way, as my worst decisions have all been in an unnatural state of sobriety. Dave presented me with a document which he convinced me was sincere but in my opinion some sort of joke. That I didn’t get. I was wrong. It was essentially an appeal to be our office tea boy and do some photocopying. Perhaps he felt this might be a less messy path than Bukowski’s. I immediately established that Dave had the business sense and decision making ability of most creative people, usually none combined with no awareness of the inevitable consequences. I asked very respectfully he roll his “CV” into a cylinder and insert it in the extreme lower end of his digestive tract.

I don’t know how many people really care about the survival of Headpress, or more importantly, the development of Dave’s voice as a countercultural Babel fish or wherever we feel like placing him on the cultural food chain. I, and more people than expected, did care and we were able to look at Headpress’ business affairs, which seemed to be based on an obscure dada-ist economic theory. Again no bad thing for a creative person. If I can help people like Dave to continue and improve via cash advice, support and friendship I am happy. To survive for sixteen years having published some seventy books of, shall we say varying quality, is testament to something. Fuck knows what. In October 2005, and for some time before, Headpress/Dave was technically on the verge of being bankrupt.  

Dave, and therefore Headpress, now have a secure livelihood, has moved out of Sadchester, has a team created specifically to assist with artwork, admin, minor things like VAT and tax, improving the quality of books published and actually trying to break even, as any business must. To do this we are going back to what Headpress does best: Headpressianism. Dave’s thoughts. And those of others, filtered through Dave. This Headpress journal 27 has been over two years in the waiting whilst we have focussed on commitments made before I became involved. These commitments mark the last time any Headpress book shall be littered with more mistakes than a Manchester Utd finzane. There may be less Headpress product, certainly on the book front in the coming years but the quality of them will improve; from proofing, writing more thorough analysis to marketing and sales. We aim to become a gonzo-esque version of the Murdoch/Branson axis. We are in the middle of a technological revolution far greater than the agrarian and industrial. The media on offer present us with a myriad of possibilities that Harry Guggenheim could never have considered. It is difficult and dangerous though to analyse the immediate present. We believe our on-line presence will become the focal point, for people interested in Headpressianism. Books, articles, footage music, interactive spoken word books will be able to be corrected, commented on, praised, supplemented etc.

Only a delusional book distributor would believe that book sales will increase as literacy declines, over the next generation or two, into digits, letters and symbols that convey a paucity of expression and nuance that wouldn’t have been much use to Faulkner, Bukowski or even J K Rowling. Sorry if that sounded like an opinion, I welcome anyone to suggest a logical scenario where it won’t be so. We will embrace the new media to turn Dave’s voice into film, audio and transmogrification. The cover of Headpress 27 is not self indulgence, as has been cruelly suggested, but Dave’s transformation into a centaur in a London bowling alley each Wednesday night is genuinely perplexing some of the finest medical minds in the country. I did insist upon the arrow though. 

Get involved yourselves. I would suggest avoiding sending manuscripts (or treatments for whole books) as they are a pain in the arse to read, are usually shit and what limited resources we have will be better spent on ensuring quality, examination of as many subjects as interest as possible and not printing every book that is offered. But short thoughts, stories (5–10,000 words) observations, Ivor Cutlerisms, outright lies, video footage connected with ideas inspired by the books could and all this and more will appear on the website. You will not be paid cash for this. You will have the joy of knowing that you may have done the right thing for the right reason. The brand spanking new website when a man called Bacon says it is ready should be up by the time this comes out. But so may Watford.

So to summarise Dave has finally achieved his life’s ambition of selling out, he will never be a rich man, neither will I because we don’t like money. Headpress will go on for as long as his business partners and friends have food on their table. It must be this way. We believe we are doing the right thing for the right reason.

At a film premier we sponsored in Bradford a small child was heard to ask his mother “what is a headpress?” After a small pause and a quick glance at Dave’s beard and my blatant but harmless intoxication her response was, “It’s just a silly thing”.

*Killing for Culture and See No Evil

User Feedback
Comment posted by Adam_Y on 01 October 2007 15:45
So, even the anticipation of starting a journey, let alone the journey itself can be rewarding.

The only way book sales will increase is if someone figures out a way of turning them into cheap alcohol.

I like the new site, nice and grungy, congratulations and good luck.

Comment posted by twistednight on 04 October 2007 09:30
Headpress has been a bit of a best kept secret I think. It's been a honour to submit over the years, as it has been a privilege to support David's enthuisasm, vision and writing skills. We can only send our love and continual support.

Will and Rick
Comment posted by hesterglock on 11 October 2007 22:33
The new website looks great. I look forward to checking it regularly and feeling the Headpress in my psyche. I want to be published in the Headpress Journal. I had better start writing something then.
Comment posted by elvisdinner on 23 January 2008 16:34
i think headpress is pretty gay and the new website should see mr kerekes vanish up his own arse. i hear he is into jazz now, well that's fab man. a fucking cenataur indeed.
Comment posted by elvisdinner on 23 January 2008 16:40
wow. i have re read everything and i was wrong. websites are not gay and i am Kylie Minogue.

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