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Posted by: David, on 31/01/2008, in category "Music"
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Abstract: Coverage of audio entertainment — be it live or a recording — by the inestimable Joe Scott Wilson and friends.

Cover Rasputina Oh Perilous World


Oh Perilous World [CD Filthy Bonnet] +
Live at The Windmill, Brixton, Jan 28, 2008

This latest album from Rasputina draws on sources that don’t exist (The Pitcairnian Women’s Choir get a credit) to lyrics that are inspired by keywords tapped into Google. It’s the soundtrack for a fictitious musical adaptation of a prize-winning book that is pure fabrication. If this sounds a mighty dose of affectation for a band comprising two cellos and a drummer, well, it is, but it also works beautifully. The nature of art is to be a lie, and Rasputina are very good at it. Their gig at The Windmill was proof enough of how rocking they can be (even when jetlagged) and the first opportunity for the British public to catch Rasputina play a small pub in Brixton. They even rhyme the words “thunder” with “telephone number” (on A Retinue Of Moons/The Infidel Is Me) and that’s a wonder, if you ask me (but is not actually a part of the lyric).

Cover Witchcraft The Alchemist


The Alchemist [CD Rise Above]

The music of Swedish band Witchcraft used to be categorised as doom rock. On this album they play jagged guitars with sublime vocals, which evokes the less experimental noodlings of German prog of the seventies (notably My Solid Ground), a sound I like very much. Magnus Pelander sings of “thresholds” and how “clinging to this nothingness might do you good.” I wouldn’t call it nothing, but very good indeed.

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