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Headpress 2.3
The Gospel According to Unpopular Culture

Editor: David Kerekes
Out of Print

Format: Hardback

Page Count: 76
Weight (g): 350
Genre: Headpressianism

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Exclusive to this website: Each HEADPRESS COLLECTOR EDITION is a deluxe full colour hardback, individually stamped and numbered LIMITED TO 250 COPIES


Sample content

Greetings Headpressers. HEADPRESS 2.3 is finally ripe and ready for your delectation, and it's the tastiest, richest selection of countercultural goodness yet. Need we mention, the fruit can be plucked in the usual two ways, both as a outrageously free ezine, and this lavishly illustrated, numbered, stamped, hardback collector edition.

Headpress 2.3 includes…

No Digging Here: A Journey to Rennes-le-Chateau by Chris Mikul

"In 1917 he suffered a severe stroke. The priest summoned to hear his final confession emerged from it looking shocked, having refused to administer the last rites (although they were later given at the funeral) and supposedly 'never smiled again'."

A fully illustrated guided tour about the relics and legends of Berenger Sauniere, the enigmatic priest occulted Catholic church almost attracts as much speculation as the origins of the money used to erect it.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Talks About 'Psicomagia' interview by Guadalupe Cheja

"So I tell him to close all the windows and to pulverize Raid, and to watch a fly die. Then, he should put the fly in a five euro bill and make a package out of it. But first, he must add six zeroes to the five in the euro bill. Then, I told him to bury it."

Legendary director Alejandro Jodorowsky discusses his unusual therapeutic method, Psicomagia (Psychomagic).

Headbanging: A Cultural History by Joe Ambrose (illustrations by Michael Robinson)

"It is a slightly dangerous pursuit, which, doctors warn us, can lead to strokes. One musician, a guitarist with the appalling Evanescence, suffered a stroke attributed by his doctors to headbanging."

The author of Chelsea Hotel Manhattan takes a not-so-fond look at one of the more bewildering expressions of musical appreciation.

Portfolio: Dr Adolf Steg: interview by Stan Batcow

"Who give a fuck about my art? I'm a useless, talentless cunt."

A heart-warming conversation with one of the art world's least hot properties, little resembling the South Bank Show.

Apocalyptic Soundtrack: The Musical World of Monte Cazazza by Jack Sargeant

"A picture of Cazazza was even reproduced in a Hong Kong newspaper as an image of the real execution."

A feature interview with Monte Cazazza, formerly of Throbbing Gristle amongst others, examing the maverick oeuvre of one of music and art's true originals.

Brick. Sand. Concrete. Tales of an Unlicensed Sex Shop. By David Kerekes.

"The other type of customer would stride in with a sense of purpose, always stopping to make small talk on their way to the pornography and stopping again on their way back. This was a person for whom pornography was clearly not a hang-up, and they wanted us to know it."

Headhoncho David Kerekes remembers his well-paid, badly-heated stint manning the counter at Manchester's deceased Bookchain, an illegal purveyor of desiccated pornography.

Plus facsimile pages from the super rare, out of print Headpress 3 (pub: 1992)

And more besides…