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Headpress 2.4
The Gospel According to Unpopular Culture

Editor: David Kerekes
Out of Print

Format: Hardback

Page Count: 76
Weight (g): 350
Genre: Headpressianism

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Exclusive to this website: Each HEADPRESS COLLECTOR EDITION is a deluxe full colour hardback, individually stamped and numbered LIMITED TO 250 COPIES


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What with the Royal nuptials, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, and the canonization of John Paul II, the Mainstream has had plenty to crow about this spring.

What about the Counterculture?

Well, with the release of HEADPRESS 2.4, it has something to celebrate too. And not only is our latest Headzine a bumper edition, with 76 pages bursting with groundbreaking countercultural prose and original artwork, but we’re confident it’s also the best Headzine yet, with writing on everything from Times Square to Arthur Lee, Hammer Films to, um, Pez. Available, as ever, in two equally delectable formats: (1) an absolutely FREE EZINE  and (2) a full-colour, fully-illustrated, COLLECTOR EDITION, stamped and numbered hardback on heavy quality paper for £10.

(A word to the wise – we’ve now only a tiny stack of 2.3 left, and all the other sumptuously collectible Headzines are sold out, so don’t dawdle! Go!»)

A Haunted House Is Not A Motel

What links Charles Manson and Arthur Lee’s Forever Changes? Why, Martin Jones’ terrifying new haunted house of prose, with adjoining rooms occupied by Aleister Crowley, Lou Reed, and other housemates from hell. Features art by Rik Rawling.

Eat me! Notes Towards A Pezology

Knud Romer Jørgensen sketches an engrossing psychoanalytical analysis of the apparently innocuous candy phenomenon, with illustrations by Michael Robinson.

Nasty Mirrors (Writers I’ve Known)
Part One: Mayir Essene

The first installment of a new series of scabrous literary vignettes by Thomas McGrath, with illustrations by Dan White.

A Lullaby of 42nd Street
Diamonds and Rust for old Times Square

Joel (Blood Sucking Freaks) Reed gives John Szpunar a guided tour of New York’s remaining pockets of sleaze, visiting former brothels, bars, cinemas and motels, armed with a camera, notebook, bellyful of liquor and art by Michael Robinson.


Zeppelin v Pterodactyls
Glen Davies & the Incomplete Story of Hammer Films

David Kerekes interviews Glen Davies about an obsession so obscure you want to stand up and clap: unmade Hammer films (including the eponymous Zeppelin v Pterodactyls).

And of course

Mixtape: Sex & Violence

From the collection of Phil Tonge

Headpress Guide to Essential Modern Culture

Facsimile pages from the ultra rare Headpress 4.

The Collector Edition contains over twenty pages of exclusive content not found in the free online Headzine. These are strictly limited, so don't delay!