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Headpress 2.5
The Gospel According to Unpopular Culture

Editor: David Kerekes
Out of Print

Format: Hardback
Size: 150mm x 220mm
Page Count: 76
Weight (g): 350
Genre: Headpressianism

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Exclusive to this website: Each HEADPRESS COLLECTOR EDITION is a deluxe full colour hardback, individually stamped and numbered LIMITED TO 250 COPIES


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Having been subject for many months to an endless succession of electric shock therapy, injections of mind-control drugs, dangerous new methods of hypnosis, and a fair bit of good-old-fashioned hectoring, Headpress 2.5 - the latest edition of our hardback journal and ezine - is at last ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public, amongst which it will go along making a generally good impression with its pleasing mixture of style and substance, humour and horror, titillation and edification, until we press the button… at which point it should go berzerko and take out the nearest local councillor.

Blessed with a spellbinding new design, Headpress 2.5 includes…

Crime Through Time by David Kerekes

Let David Kerekes take you on a fully illustrated tour around one of the nation's least savoury museums, Gloucester's Crime Through Time, and other black museums of Europe.

Iconoclast! by John Szpunar

John Szpunar chats to Larry Wessel about his amazing new four hour Boyd Rice documentary Iconoclast

Nasty Mirrors (Writers I've Known) by Thomas McGrath

Part two of Thomas McGrath's unflattering anatomy of the modern writer, with art by Dan White

"You have now had all the Comedies in our Stock" by Jennifer Wallis

Jennifer Wallis takes in a movie at a 1920s asylum

The Bowl by David Kerekes

David Kerekes talks to Julian Butler and Tim Peck of Smile Orange on their sublimely surreal new documentary about... um… Bradford.


The art of the Mixtape by Phil Tonge

Portfolio: Juliet Sugg

Cinema & Movies International: James R. Silke Remembers

Sample pages from the long out of print Headpress 5

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