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Headpress 15
War In Heaven

Editor: David Kerekes
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Format: Hardback
Size: 171mm x 240mm
Page Count: 96
ISBN-13: 9781900486019
Weight (g): 500
Genre: Headpressianism

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HEADPRESS JOURNAL is a distinctive, acclaimed book series devoted to all that is strange and esoteric in film, literature and art. These early editions are scarce and collectable.

Contents Include:




  • Jack The Ripper and the occult
  • Led Zeppelin stories
  • Some thoughts about accidents
  • Discovering human bones in the desert outside Nazca, Peru
  • Gerry Anderson's U.F.O.
  • Have you ever thought about the word ABBA?
  • Interview with Annabel Chong
  • Jerry Springer rescues television
  • Cak-watch! investigates psych blow-out comedy What's Good for the Goose
  • Animal Farm — readers write
  • Plus lots more...




    "Particularly bizarre, disturbing and sometimes delightful"
    Time Out

    "An extended tour of the more bizarre aspects of popular, and not so popular, culture, with plenty of moral and aesthetic conundrums along the way"

    "Pushing the right buttons on the wrong people"
    Dazed & Confused"