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Mistress Pussycat
Adventures With Submissive Men In The World Of Femdom

Author: Joyce Snyder
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Format: Paperback
Size: 216mm x 140mm
Page Count: 252
ISBN-13: 978-1-909394-25-4
Weight (g): 270
Genre: Biography

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Where is the 50 Shades of Grey from a female dominant view? A nonfiction investigative memoir about submissive men!

THIS BDSM EXPOSÉ, written as memoir, reveals the wild world of femdom: dominant females and the submissive guys who crave them. Joyce Snyder encounters dozens of “subs,” fellows who want to be used and abused at the hands of a powerful woman. She finds a multitude of men, typically living a secret life, throughout America, and discovers their erotic preference (submitting to the superior domme) is more prevalent than she’d imagined.

The author, a 60-year-old, cat-loving spinster, would never have become a lifestyle domme (only pro dommes are paid) were it not for her latest work assignment—editing a magazine for submissive men. To research her audience, she investigates femdom (as female domination is called in popular culture). Certain she’s discovered her true nature, Joyce experiments with various facets of female domination. She begins interacting with submissive men—teasing, humiliating, demanding. Now the youthful appearing Senior is pursued by submissive men far younger and wealthier than she could otherwise attract. Determined to master the art of dominance, she attends a convention of Adult Babies, joins a spanking society, gets served by sissy maids, learns how to penetrate a man with a strap-on device, rides a human horse steered by a penis lead, dates a wealthy man who craves electroshocks to his genitals, and acquires a slave. She details many aspects of femdom including ClubFEM (with its slogan “Women Enslaving Men”), male chastity devices, a BDSM resort where women rule, consensual slavery and findom (financial domination). With her newly acquired kinky expertise and superior attitude, it’s hot and cold running subs for this over-the-hill miss!

About the author
Joyce Snyder is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s School of Journalism. During her three decades in adult entertainment, she worked as a magazine editor, a journalist and award winning writer/producer of erotic films. She lives in Manhattan.

Table of contents
Author’s Note
Chapter 1: Women Enslaving Men? Why Not!
Chapter 2: A Pony Party Plus Public Play
Chapter 3: More Of A Pussycat, Less Than A Mistress
Chapter 4: My Passive Pantydropper
Chapter 5: Testosterone Lost
Chapter 6: Pain Sluts
Chapter 7: In The Bone Zone
Chapter 8: My Kinky Sock Hop
Chapter 9: Adventures in Babysitting
Chapter 10: When Slavehood Was In Flower
Chapter 11: Hardwired to Serve
Chapter 12: Who’s The Slave Here?
Chapter 13: The Real Slaves of New York
Chapter 14: Two Slaves Too Many
Chapter 16: The Pussycat and the Queen