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Law of Chaos (paperbacK)
The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock

Author: Jeff Gardiner
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Size: 127mm x 203mm
Page Count: 174
ISBN-13: 978-1-909-394-19-3
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Genre: Biography

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From Jerry Cornelius and the Eternal Champion fantasies to Pyat and more recent novels, THE LAW OF CHAOS is an entertaining and accessible reader’s guide that explores the life and achievements of Michael Moorcock, one of modern literature’s most influential figures. All Moorcock’s works are examined and discussed in detail from early fantasies to his later philosophical novels.

With an introduction and other material by Moorcock himself, THE LAW OF CHAOS travels the moonbeam roads through the enigmatic multiverse of a celebrated literary icon.

About the author

Jeff Gardiner is a British author who was born in Jos, Nigeria, lived for many years in West London but now lives in Sussex. He also has a great passion for rock music and films.


“Jeff Gardiner’s excellent book has offered me many fresh insights into my own work. I can genuinely celebrate the publication of this book.”   Michael Moorcock

“This new book, the latest Moorcockian meteorite to flash across the heavens, is a timely reminder of the scope, depth, heart and magnificence of an author with numerous readers, bright-eyed fans, global correspondents, but far less mainstream acknowledgement than he deserves. The glory of the work, in its astonishing reach and range, is that it can be freshly excavated by every rising generation.” Iain Sinclair

“A well-written overview of Michael Moorcock’s complete works. This is an ideal book for anyone looking to get a quick critical grasp on Moorcock ... very illuminating.”  Stephen Theaker

When literary critics of the next century want to understand our times, it’s the chaos-storm of Moorcock’s fiction which will be their first port of call and Jeff Gardiner’s book their necessary introduction to the maelstrom. Moorcock’s legion of present-day fans will be grateful for Gardiner’s clearly-written and informative account of Moorcock’s work: an essential guide to the complexities of a very prolific writer. At last we have a sense of the entirety of Michael Moorcock’s vast achievement. Congratulations, Jeff, for allowing Moorcock and his works to speak to us!”  Andy Sawyer - Librarian of the Liverpool Foundation SF Collection



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