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Fight Your Own War (paperback)
Power Electronics and Noise Culture

Editor: Jennifer Wallis
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Format: Paperback
Size: 152mm x 229mm
Page Count: 260
ISBN-13: 978-1-909394-40-7
Weight (g): 350
Genre: Music

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The editor







This is the paperback edition Fight Your Own War.
For the special edition hardback with exclusive download of previously unreleased tracks - available now - click here.

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The first book devoted to power electronics, written by artists, fans, and critics.

Power electronics is a genre of industrial or ‘noise’ music that utilises feedback and synthesizers to produce an intense, loud, challenging sound. To match this sonic excess, power electronics also relies heavily upon extreme thematic and visual content— whether in lyrics, album art, or live performance. It is a genre that often invites strong reactions from both listeners and critics, if not dismissed or ignored altogether.

FIGHT YOUR OWN WAR is the first ever English-language book primarily devoted to power electronics, bringing together essays and reviews that explore the current state of the genre, from early development through to live performance, listener experience, artist motivation, gender and subcultures, such as ‘Japanoise’.

Written by artists, fans, and critics from around the world, FIGHT YOUR OWN WAR provides comment on a musical form that is at once theatrical and absurdist, while bringing to listeners a violent, ecstatic, and potentially consciousness-altering experience. In considering this ‘spectacle’ of noise, how far can we simply label power electronics as a genre of shock tactics or of transgression for transgression’s sake?

About the editor
Jennifer Wallis is a historian and author, currently living in Oxford, UK. She is a fan of power electronics and has previously worked with noise act Hate-Male.  

Mikko Aspa, Tom Bench, Bindweed, Scott Candey, Nathan Clemence, Andrew Cooke, Mike Dando, Sonia Dietrich, d foist, Spencer Grady, Clive Henry, Grant Hobson, Kevin Matthew Jones, Paul Margree, Nick Nihilist, Jack Sargeant, Stephen Sennitt, Richard Stevenson, Duncan Taylor, Philip Taylor, Jennifer Wallis, Daniel Wilson, Ulex Xane



Image fight your own war hardback
Special edition hardback»
Image fight your own war paperback
Paperback edition»

Exclusive audio (only available with the hardback)
This special hardback edition of FIGHT YOUR OWN WAR comes with eight exclusive tracks by contributing authors. The tracks come as a high-quality download, for which special edition customers will receive a download code following purchase by email. (Please allow 48 hours for the code.)

The track list is:

1. Streicher - England Lives! And Marches On!
2. Gruntsplatter - Burned Over District
3. Maskirovka - Limping Towards the Moral High Ground
4. Now Wash Your Hands - Salmonella
5. Hardworking Families - Bongo Vacantia
6. WeaklingChild - Phlegethon
7. unwashed - ho$anna
8. Deathtripping - 23

This is the paperback edition Fight Your Own War.

For the special edition hardback with exclusive download of previously unreleased tracks
- available now - click here.

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