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Are You In The House Alone? (HARDBACK)
A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999

Editor: Amanda Reyes
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Format: Hardback
Size: 156mm x 234mm
Page Count: 342
Weight (g): 720
Genre: FilmTV

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This is the special NO-ISBN hardback edition of Are You Alone In The House?, exclusive to this website.

When the Movie of the Week ruled the airwaves!

Beginning in the 1960s through its heyday in the 1970s and beyond, the telefilm remains an important cultural artefact masquerading as disposable entertainment. Made specifically for the small screen, within the tight constraints of broadcasting standards, what these humble movies lacked in budget and star appeal, they made up for in other ways. Often they served as an introduction to genre films, particularly horror, mirroring their theatrical counterparts with a focus on sinister cults, women in prison, haunted houses and even animals in revolt. They were also a place to address serious contemporary issues—drugs, prostitution, sexual violence and justice—albeit in a cosy domestic environment.
Production of telefilms continues to this day, but their significance within the history of mass media remains under-discussed. Are You in the House Alone? seeks to address this imbalance in a series of reviews and essays by fans and critics alike. It looks at many of the films, the networks and names behind them, and also specific genres—everything from Stephen King adaptations to superheroes to true-life dramas. So, kickback and crack open the TV guide once more for the event that is the Movie of the Week!

About the editor
Amanda Reyes is a freelance writer and podcaster who focuses on the made for television movie genre, with her blog Made for TV Mayhem and its companion podcast. She currently lives in Austin, TX.



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Martyn Bamber, Daniel Budnik, David Ray Carter, Jean-Paul Coillard, Tom Crites, DF Dresden, Rich Flannagan, Paul Freitag-Fey, Lee Gambin, Todd Garbarini, John Harrison, Kier-La Janisse, Kevin Hilton, David Kerekes, Chris Mikul, Amanda Reyes, Thomas Scalzo, Virginie Sélavy, Julian Upton, Lance Vaughan, Jennifer Wallis

This is the special NO-ISBN hardback edition of Are You Alone In The House?, exclusive to this website.

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