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Politics of the Imagination
The Life, Work And Ideas Of Charles Fort

Author: Colin Bennett
Out of Print

Format: Paperback
Size: 171mm x 240mm
Page Count: 176
ISBN-13: 9781900486200
Weight (g): 500
Genre: Headpressianism

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The “foe of science” is how the New York Times described Fort in its obituary.

Born in Albany, New York, in 1874, Charles Fort spent almost his entire life searching through periodicals in the New York Public Library and the British Museum, compiling evidence to show that science was a mere façade which concealed as much as it claimed to have discovered. In a series of four books — The Book of the Damned, New Lands, Lo! and Wild Talents — he argued that explanations are far more fantastic than the things they are supposed to explain, and that we only use them to get some sleep at night.

Science, believed Fort, was a new form of social control whose object was to conceal the fantastical nature of the universe by means of editing out paradoxes, contradictions, miracles, paranormal events — anything that was unusual or which did not fit into a set scheme of things.

POLITICS OF THE IMAGINATION has a foreword by the writer John Keel, author of The Mothman Prophecies, now a major motion picture starring Richard Gere.

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"For sheer ability in critiquing the critiquers who make up the sceptic and debunking brigade, Colin Bennett has no equal. FIVE STARS"
UFO Magazine

"Thank god for Charles Fort for coining the phrase 'teleportation' and inadvertantly inspiring Star Trek, Dr Who and The X-Files"

"Fascinating look into the abyss of the unknown"