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Land of a Thousand Balconies
Discoveries And Confessions Of A B-Movie Archaeologist

Author: Jack Stevenson
Out of Print

Format: Paperback
Size: 171mm x 240mm
Page Count: 224
ISBN-13: 9781900486231
Weight (g): 500
Genre: Headpressianism

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Film showmen, gimmicks and cult films.

LAND OF A THOUSAND BALCONIES documents incidents, episodes, character-studies and unusual film happenings, some of which author Jack Stevenson has — over the past fifteen years — been privy to in his capacity as projectionist-for-hire.

Elsewhere, Stevenson focuses on movie theatres and renegade exhibition spaces, as well as lamenting on the disappearing 'sense of place' and atmosphere that is such an integral part of the movie-going experience. Here the reader is invited to tour a diversity of venues - from the notorious old grindhouses of San Francisco, the home-made store-front cinemas of Seattle and NY, through to the underground film clubs of Europe.

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  • Weird Christmas movies
  • Film gimmicks and 3-D
  • Sid Pink and Reptilicus
  • A tribute to ham acting
  • Guerrilla cinema in San Francisco
  • Underground cinema clubs in Europe
  • Scopitone - the story of cocktail lounge video jukeboxes
  • The evolution of Cult and Camp cinema

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