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Headpress 27 Deluxe
This is not Headpress 27

Editor: David Kerekes
Out of Print

Format: Paperback
Size: 189mm x 233mm
Page Count: 144
ISBN-13: 9781900486583
Weight (g): 500
Genre: Headpressianism

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3 Ratings Price: £13.99

Limited, signed & numbered wraparound sleeve edition - 200 copies only

HEADPRESS 27 is the latest edition in the self defining series that first appeared in zine form in 1991 and intermittently in the years since in book form.

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This is the first edition to appear in almost two years and in celebration of the fact, and the anthropological milieu that HEADPRESS has helped to create in sixteen years of publication, HEADPRESS 27 is markedly different in that it is a fine collector’s item work-of-art in full glorious colour.

HEADPRESS 27 is limited to 1,900 copies worldwide, each one individually numbered. 

This DELUXE edition is a limited numbered edition of 200 copies only, which comes in a special wraparound seal and is signed by editor DAVID KEREKES and artist HANNAH BENNISON.

  • Spain: Three days of Advanced Music and One Epiphany — Sónar is a festival devoted to music and multimedia arts that is held each year in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Neither event nor city had I been to before, and while three days of predominantly electronic and dance music with international DJs didn’t set my heart ablaze in anticipation, I sensed something more. We begin our adventure where I suspect it will end — not back in Stansted airport, shuffling forward towards the departures lounge, but with the phrase: "Well? What did I expect?" By DAVID KEREKES.
  • Balls, the Womb and Mexico City. By DAVID KEREKES
  • An Exclusive Interview with Alan Moore. By JERRY GLOVER
  • "Mu-tan-chés! Mu-tan-chés!" Os Mutantes — As Brazil made its way through the 1960s and its most repressive phase of military rule, there emerged towards the end of the decade change with a cultural movement known as Tropicália. At the forefront of Tropicália were the musicians, and at the forefront of these musicians was Os Mutantes, who sounded nothing at all like the music of Brazil and soon enough nothing at all like Tropicália. By BILL BARTELL.
  • Manchester punk on film. By CHRIS BARBER
  • All About Being Loud comic strip. By ANTONIO GHURA
  • The Firmaments Of Wrath in West Yorkshire — It is a photograph, specific details unknown, except that it was taken in Morley, West Yorkshire, in the first decade of the twentieth century. An unnamed number of people are stood in a field, representing a broad variety of age and social status. The setting isn’t staged in the manner of civic portraiture, so what has brought these people together, on this day, in this field, to stand in front of a thirty foot tall bonfire? RIK RAWLING recalls Peter Sutcliffe and the killers that picked off their victims in the wastelands of his youth.
  • Bring Your Own Sheets: Inside Stuttgart’s stroke theatre. By JANE GRAHAM
  • "Will I burn in Hell?" By BRUCE BARNARD
  • "If I could fuck myself with it I would." Long Jeanne Silver — Long Jean Silver. A name that can strike fear into the hearts of those who patronised adult cinemas in the late 1970s. Strange effect for such an attractive young blonde, described by some as "frightfully gorgeous." A porn performer, she shocked audiences with a bizarre spectacle, a speciality trick, the sight of which made some patrons run for the exit. DR SPIKE tells the tale.
  • An Encounter with 9/11. By DAVID KEREKES
  • Chelsea Hotel Manhattan. By JOE AMBROSE
  • Happiness Starts Here. By ANON
  • A Skywald Night in Chicago. By DOUG MOENCH and AL HEWETSON
  • An Exhibition of Atrocities: Interview with J G Ballard. By MARK GOODALL
  • In the Shadow of Sun-Ra! A plea for help. By DYLAN HARDING