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Keep It Together! 192 Edition
Cosmic Boogie with the Deviants and Pink Fairies

Author: Rich Deakin
Out of Print

Format: Paperback
Size: 216mm x 138mm
Page Count: 304
ISBN-13: 9781900486613
Weight (g): 540
Genre: Music

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Limited, signed, numbered edition with original underground press artifact!

  • 192 copies only
  • Numbered & signed by the author and Mick Farren
  • Contains an original artefact from the "Nasty Tales Trial Edition" of International Times (dated Dec 14, 1972)

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This is the remarkable story of London’s communal bands of the 1960s and 1970s, from the perspective of two of its most crucial exponents.

Fuelled by amphetamine psychosis, the DEVIANTS and PINK FAIRIES were bands of the people, gate crashing festivals and playing for free on a flatbed truck, and on some days sharing a bill with Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead.

KEEP IT TOGETHER! tells of the underground movement that was key in shaping a London that had been swinging but was quickly moving toward more brutish territory. It is a tale that includes the Pretty Things, Hawkwind, MC5, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Edgar Broughton Band, Motörhead and a host of other influential bands and pilled up geezers desperate for a revolution. Or at the very least, Top of the Pops.

Introduction by Mick Farren.

//// The Ladbroke Groove by Mick Farren


Chapter One    

//// The Dream is Just Beginning
//// From Notting Hill to Deviation
//// Deviation Street
//// Social Deviancy

Chapter Two
//// Underground Tentacles
//// Stripclubs, Skinheads, Fuzz and Dialectics
//// The Flight to Lowlands Paradise

Chapter Three             

//// Son of a Millionaire
//// Enter the Firm
//// One Bass or Two
//// Boss and the Big Pig

Chapter Four

//// Mean and Filthy and the Wipeout Gang

//// Motorpsycho Nitemare
//// The Methedrine Monster
//// The Canadian Connection

Chapter Five               

//// Twink and Took, and a Pink Fairies Book
//// Death of a Dream Machine
//// Metamorphosis Exploration
//// Who Needs Egg?

Chapter Six                   

//// West Coast Odyssey
//// Pink Fairies Fly!
//// Festival Fever!
//// Politics and Pranks
//// Underground Rivalry
//// Uptown Ranking

Chapter Seven        

//// New Boots and Contracts
//// Come to Never Never Land
//// Camping it up at the Gay Lib Dance
//// Westway to the West Country

Chapter Eight                   

//// The Amateur Promoters League of Great Britain

//// Away with the Fairies

//// What a Bunch of Sweeties

//// Uncle Blackie’s Last Freakout

//// What’s Your Oblivion?

Chapter Nine

//// On Parole

//// Between The Lines

//// All the Young Punks

//// Jail Guitar Dingwalls

Chapter Ten

//// Kill ’Em and Eat ’Em

//// “Rallying at Nuremburg”

//// Fragments of Broken Probes

Sources Acknowledgements Epilogue


"Vividly capture the spirit of the times"
Record Collector

"A fabulous book and one which I for one will be dipping into for both reference and inspiration for a long, long time to come"
Terrascope online reviews

"An exhilarating account of an important historical period"

"Probably as close to the truth as we're ever going to get"
Classic Rock

"Does what all good music books should and makes you want to explore the music"
Punk 77