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Dr Adolf Steg notebook, diary & planner

Author: Dr Adolf Steg
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Format: Hardback
Size: 152mm x 127mm
Page Count: 192
ISBN-13: 9781900486675
Weight (g): 300
Genre: Headpressianism

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Special, limited box editions manhandled by Dr Steg himself will be available exclusively from this site. Details coming soon.

Share your day with Dr Adolf Steg, the creator of POINTLESSNESS, with this wonderfully stylish and safe notebook, diary & planner.

Dr Adolf Steg has been giving away his art from found objects for years. This practical notebook and day planner is an exception: It isn’t free and contains Steg’s daily ruminations on everything from dust and wasps to purchasing a Stones CD in a moment of pure abandon (and then taking it back again for a refund), all beautifully illustrated by Dr Steg.

The POINTLESSNESS of Dr Steg’s life should not interfere with the meaningfulness of yours: Most of this book is devoted to quality empty space so you, dear reader, may ignore Steg altogether and use his notebook and day planner as your notebook and day planner. And variations thereof.

Dr Steg has exhibited paintings in the same exhibition as Gilbert and George, Gavin Turk and Gary Hart.

  • Page marker ribbon 
  • Twelve colour plates and endpapers 
  • Two days per page
  • Calenders for the years 2008–2014 
  • Space for appointments, diary & notes
  • Classic leather style covers with embossed lettering

"Probably the greatest British underground comic book artist of the 1990s"
Alan Moore