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It's All Good
A John Sinclair Reader

Author: John Sinclair
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Format: Paperback
Size: 5.71 x 8.66
Page Count: 320
ISBN-13: 9781900486682
Weight (g): 600
Genre: Biography

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“Free John Sinclair” — John Lennon

Hailed as the “Last of the Beatnik Warrior Poets” (Mick Farren) and “The Hardest Working Poet in Show Business” (Ben Edmonds), JOHN SINCLAIR is likewise a music journalist widely recognized as one of America’s leading authorities on blues and modern jazz.

IT’S ALL GOOD: A John Sinclair Reader is a sampling of Sinclair’s journalism and verse spannig over forty years. It includes selections from his epic works in verse always know: a book of monk and Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Delta Sound Suite, as well as writings on Jack Kerouac, Iggy Pop, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Lennon, Sun Ra, Dr John, Willie King, Irma Thomas, Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Bob “Righteous” Rudnick, Johnnie Bassett, the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, the White Buffalo Prophesy and the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

IT’S ALL GOOD also illuminates Sinclair’s legendary period as a cultural revolutionary and political prisoner, manager of the MC5, Chairman of the White Panther Party, producer of the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival and director of the Detroit Jazz Center. There’s evidence too of Sinclair’s years at WWOZ Radio in New Orleans, where he was voted the city’s favorite DJ.

Selected by the author, this substantial cache of underground literature was originally published in music magazines, alternative newspapers, liner notes for obscure record labels, foreign editions and out-of-print books of poetry.

Includes 32 iconic photographs from the 1960s & 1970s by by Leni Sinclair.

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Table of contents

[00] The Blues of John Sinclair by Mark Ritsema vi
[01] “John Sinclair” 12
[02] “friday the 13th” 23
[03] Getting Out From Under 25
[04] “Consequences” 32
[05] “I Just Wanna Testify” 33
[06] “blues to you” 61
[07] DKT/MC5: The Truest Possible Testimonial 62
[08] “ain’t nobody’s bizness” 76
[09] The Wild One: The True Story of Iggy Pop 78
[10] “the Screamers” 81
[11] Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth 82
[12] “everything happens to me” 105
[13] Art Ensemble of Chicago: Ancient to the Future 106
[14] “in walked bud” 111
[15] The Prophesy of Jack Kerouac 115
[16] “brilliant corners” 119
[17] Robert Lockwood Jr.: Blues from the Delta 125
[18] “21 Days in Jail” 129
[19] Willie King: The Secret History of the Blues 134
[20] “Fattening Frogs For Snakes” 138
[21] North Mississippi Hill Country Blues 141
[22] “Scuze Me While I Kiss the Sky” 155
[23] The Sounds of New Orleans: WWOZ on CD, Volumes 1-2-3 157
[24] “We Just Change the Beat” 165
[25] Walter “Wolfman” Washington: The Wolfman Is at Your Door 167
[26] “Thank You, Pretty Baby” 188
[27] Irma Thomas: An Audience with the Soul Queen 190
[28] “rhythm-a-ning” 203
[29] Wade in the Water > Dr. John Comes Clean 206
[30] “my melancholy baby” 224
[31] They Call Us Wild: The Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans 226
[32] “spiritual” 236
[33] Invitation to a Ghost Dance 237
[34] “If I Could Be with You” 241
[35] Hastings Street Grease: Detroit Blues is Alive 250
[36] “monk’s dream” 254
[37] Johnnie Bassett: Cadillac Bluesman from the Motor City 257
[38] “My Buddy” 273
[39] Bob Rudnick: Remembering the Righteous One 275
[40] “Hold Your Horn High” 283
[41] Masters of War 285
[42] “Fat Boy” 286
[43] Moving Together 288
[44] It’s All Good 291

Track listing (exclusive download access with this book)

01 Friday the 13th / with Wayne Kramer (3:39)
02 Consequences > Blues to You / with Wayne Kramer & the Blues Scholars (8:17)
03 Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness / with Wayne Kramer & the Blues Scholars (3:57)
04 everything happens to me / with Jeff Grand & the Motor City Blues Scholars (4:29)
05 in walked bud (5:34)
06 brilliant corners / with Mark Ritsema (11:00)
07 Fattening Frogs For Snakes / with the New Orleans Blues Scholars (7:17)
08 We Just Change the Beat / with the New Orleans Blues Scholars (4:42)
09 Spiritual / with Marion Brown (2:27)
10 monk’s dream / with Luis Resto (4:08)
11 My Buddy / with Jeff Grand & the Blues Scholars (6:10)
12 Fat Boy / with Johnny Evans & the Motor City Blues Scholars (6:12)
13 It’s All Good / with Langefrans & Baas B (4:39)

Voice & production on all tracks: John Sinclair
Remastered by Jair-Rohm Wells

Recent media coverage of John Sinclair

* Motor City's Burning: Detroit from Motown to the Stooges (BBC4, 2008)

* MELTDOWN 2008 Royal Festival Hall, performing with MC5 & Primal Scream

* John Sinclair: 20 To Life documentary (Steve Gebhardt, 2007)

* The US vs John Lennon (Lionsgate/BBC2, 2006)

* New Orleans-based preacher of the power of blues and jazz, “his love and knowledge of which form the basis of his wonderful spoken-word performances” — John Strausbaugh, New York Press