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Slaughter King, The

Author: Simon Whitechapel
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Format: Paperback
Size: 153mm x 234mm
Page Count: 165
ISBN-13: 9781871592603
Weight (g): 500
Genre: Headpressianism

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A sadistic serial killer is leaving a trail of butchered corpses, both male and female, across Europe.

The Slaughter King kills and mutilates with the anatomical precision of a surgeon, the flair of a surrealist painter, and insatiable ferocity of a beast.

Aided only by a dying girl who alone holds the key to the atrocities, policewoman Alanna Kirk trails the predatory killer through a dark underworld of S&M sex, organised suicide and police corruption, only to find that there are those who want the Slaughter King very much alive and on the streets…

Seen through the eye of a doomed lesbian love triangle, the series of dark and bloody events leads to an inexorable climax of sudden, violent death.

"We were not looking for the most disgusting passage of sexual description… if that had been the intention, I suppose first prize would have gone to THE SLAUGHTER KING"
Auberon Waugh

"Whitechapel is one of the new breed of crime writers, ready to slice through rules as easy as slicing through flesh. It's about time that the crime genre was infected by the blood of these people, intent on dragging its razored corpse into the age of AIDS, the Serial Killer and end of millennium psychosis"
Paul Buck (Author of The Honeymoon Killers)