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Thr Rumford Rogues
Scenes from Consumer Life

Author: Colin Bennett
Hurry!, Few Left!

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 192
ISBN-13: 9781900486750
Weight (g): 250
Genre: Fiction

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In Artificial Intelligence, the closer we get to the human brain, the more chaotic and subversive the observed system becomes, as if it knows what we are after.

This is a modern comedy about Artificial Intelligence and the state of present-day society.

George Mensche is a dropped-out ancien Scottish Royal and an Old Etonian. He inhabits the Margaret Thatcher Bed and Breakfast Module in The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London, with a ménage-a-quatre of two bisexual ex-media-famous girl-friends and his grant-funded, live-in Malaysian cook. When Social Security shoves George into work experience on The Brentford Sceptic, his controversial reports cause the media to beseige The Tabernacle, where his lovers race to thrust their way back to Prime Time.

George falls for Brentford Garage University's beautiful genius Dr. Deborah Rumford, a designer of uncannily life-like Rogue robots, some of whom have escaped into the outer world, never to be detected. Deborah is in terrible trouble with "straight" science, because of her revolutionary idea about AI: to be an intelligence proper, a robot must capable of arbitrarily and wastefully withdrawing its labour. Chased, hounded and threatened by her conspiratorial adversaries, including US Intelligence, Deborah Rumford disappears. Will Mensche ever find her?

Colin Bennett is a world-renouned writer on UFOs, Charles Fort and the paranormal. His Combat Diaries website receives 30,000 full visits per month.