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Blood In, Blood Out
The Violent Empire Of The Aryan Brotherhood

Author: John Lee Brook
Hurry!, Few Left!

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 276
ISBN-13: 9781900486774
Weight (g): 300
Genre: TrueCrime

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“In for life and out by death” Aryan Brotherhood
“The most ferocious and notorious of any of the prison groups.” FBI

For the first time, ex-convict John Lee Brook subjects the Aryan Brotherhood to a devastating exposé, revealing how the notorious white supremacist prison gang has become perhaps the most powerful criminal organization in America, an achievement much more remarkable considering that the majority of its members remain behind bars, and its infamous Commission—the folkloric threesome, Thomas ‘Terrible Tom’ Silverstein, Tyler ‘the Hulk’ Bingham and Barry ‘the Baron’ Mills—are kept in maximum-security solitary confinement, as the US government makes an open effort to subdue the organization by any means necessary.

Despite these efforts, the Aryan Brotherhood continues to thrive, and Blood In, Blood Out demonstrates how a combination of Machiavelli, Nietzsche, meditation, secret codes, brutal violence and sheer will enable its buried puppet masters to continue to tug at the strings of an organization at the forefront of the black market trade in drugs, arms and money laundering. In Blood In, Blood Out, John Lee Brook provides both an extensive overview of the Aryan Brotherhood and a thrilling look at its untold recent history.